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The name Sindhuja is said to be one of the names of Goddess Lakshmi –the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Etymologically speaking, this name refers to the avtar of Goddess Lakshmi, who was born out of the river Sindhu.

Sindhuja Microcredit Pvt Ltd (Sindhuja) is a new generation Micro Finance Company which is headquartered in NOIDA . It has received Certificate of Registration from the Reserve Bank of India to operate as NBFC-MFI.

Sindhuja is focussed on meeting the financial and non financial needs of the rural and semi urban population. Currently it is offering Microcredit and insurance services to its clients. It however plans to offer other credit products like Micro Enterprise Loan and also plans to offer pension and other services through third party arrangements to its customers. Through these products it aims to reach the lives of the “Bottom of Pyramid” and the “Missing Middle” customers and contribute in financial inclusion.

Helping Community




Sindhuja Microcredit aims to make financial services easily available to the financially excluded and MSME entrepreneurs through efficient, customer friendly and technology driven solutions.

Easily available financial services



Our vision is to be one of the most admired financial service providers to over 2.5 million customers by 2025.

Become most admired service providers


Our vision is to be one of the most admired financial service providers to over 2.5 million customers by 2025.

Our Values

Customer Focus
People First
Operational Excellence


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Sindhuja aims to provide access to those entrepreneurs who have the requisite skill and courage and conviction but lack capital. Sindhuja aims to support them by offering financial services and also non financial services and be their trusted partner in their growth and prosperity.

offer micro-finance loans
Encourage micro-entrepreneurship
Provide financial Inclusion

Message From the Founders

In FY 2024, Sindhuja has continued to deliver strong performance. The AUM of the company has increased from Rs.721 Crs in 2023 to Rs. 1009 Crs in 2024 registering a growth of 40%. Our total revenue has increased from Rs.129.8 Crs in 2023 to Rs.222.8 Crs in 2024, registering a growth of 72%. Our Profit before Tax and Profit After Tax have increased from Rs.24.8 Crs & Rs.19.1 Crs in 2023 to Rs.45 Crs & Rs.34 Crs respectively in 2024 . The Gross NPA stood at 1.46% & Net NPA stood at 0.18% as of Mar 24.

The stellar performance of the company attracted two new and very marquee impact investors- Gawa Capital & Oiko Credit. The infusion of Rs.120 Crs capital helped in lowering the leverage to 2.8x & maintain healthy capital adequacy ratio of over 30%. We also added 11 new lenders, taking the total number of lenders to 49. FY 25 is going to be a landmark year for Sindhuja as the Company is expanding its outreach to South & West India by starting operations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh & Maharashtra.

We are committed to continue to preserve the core values even as we embrace innovation and keep pushing boundaries. By striking a balance between first principles and innovations, we will continue to deliver superlative performance to all our stakeholders -the foremost being our customers.

We find ourselves at a watershed moment, where technological advancements, changing client behaviour, new regulations are reshaping the road ahead.

The industry is transforming, and we must respond with agility, innovation, and a forward-thinking mindset. In fact, we must not only respond but also stay ahead.

- Abhisheka Kumar & Malkit Singh didyala
Abhisheka Kumar & Malkit Singh Didyala
Abhisheka Kumar & Malkit Singh Didyala

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Client Speaks

Geeta Devi
Geeta Devi and Suraj Paswan

A story of grit & determination

Sunaina Devi
Sunaina Devi

Story of steady diligence


Abhishek Sharma

“Since our investment in Sindhuja at the beginning of this financial year, we are encouraged by the performance of the company led by its strong management team in spite of macro challenges prevalent in the industry. Sindhuja grew its loan-book close to 3x in the current financial year whilst maintaining its high portfolio quality with repayment rates of 99.84%. The company continues to create social impact in their four low-income states of operations by providing financing to more than 84,000 rural women of which 21% were first-time borrowers. We believe that the team at Sindhuja will continue to deliver value amidst uncertain times with a high degree of focus on executing well thought out strategies."

Abhishek Sharman
Founder and Managing Director
Carpediem Capital
Smriti Chandra

“Sindhuja has demonstrated good scale in operations in the 2 years of its existence on the back of the vision of its experienced promoters, who understand the microfinance space exceptionally well. Their focus on addressing customer needs corresponds well with the values that we, at NMI, emphasize on. While they have had a good financial year with FY20, next year would pose its unique challenges with the ongoing pandemic crisis. I am confident that the Company will be resilient, navigate through the crisis effectively and would be back on its growth trajectory in the coming few years. I wish Sindhuja team all the very best for the future."

Smriti Chandra
Investment Director - India
Nordic Microfinance Initiative AS
Dr. Kshama Fernandes

“We on-boarded Sindhuja Microcredit as a Northern Arc partner when its AUM was around INR 10 crore. The energetic leadership, the careful choice of geography and the well thought through systems & processes stood out for a company of its size. We came on board as one of its first lenders. Since then the company has grown multifold and we are delighted to have played a role in its growth story.”

Dr. Kshama Fernandes
Ex-Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Northern Arc Capital
Gaurav Kumar

“Sindhuja has clearly carved out a niche for itself in the microfinance space and stands out among its peers. What the team has achieved in just about two years is extremely commendable and speaks volumes about the leadership, especially given that this was in a rather difficult macro environment. This is further reaffirmed by its successful fund raise from established foreign investors. The team has struck a fine balance between stellar growth, impeccable asset quality and remaining true to its mission of serving financially underserved regions.
To me, a key differentiator has been the way the team has brought in data driven, analytical approach and digital technology led processes to microfinance. This early adoption would definitely catapult the organisation into a very different league in the coming months.
We are proud to be a part of this growth story and our best wishes to the entire team for an exciting journey ahead!”

Gaurav Kumar
Founder and CEO
Abhijit Ray

“It is a privilege and pleasure for us to work with the Sindhuja promoters Abhisheka Kumar and Malkit Didyala and the amazing team they have. They are highly professional and the same time their commitment and dedication is commendable. It was a seamless process to close the transaction with them and we’ve always found them to be extremely cooperative. We wish them all the success.”

Abhijit Ray
Co-Founder & Managing Director
UC Inclusive Credit Private Limited
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