A Story Of Grit & Determination

- Geeta Devi And Suraj Paswan

When a person has resolved to do something, no obstacle can derail them. The story of the couple Geeta Devi and Suraj Paswan from Kandi village in Bihar's Jamui district is not only a true example of this statement but also one of resolve and determination. Polio took away Suraj's ability to walk when he was just a child while his wife Geeta unfortunately never received any education. Since Suraj was incapable of any manual labour the expenditure of the entire household, which included their three children as well, was managed by Suraj's father. This family of 6 were managing their days somehow when life took a turn for the worst with the death of Suraj's father.

Financial difficulties started to roar in with three children to feed the hurdles in their daily lives had no end to them. Until the couple decided to do something about it. Their plan was to start a small business however without any forms of savings to their name it seemed beyond a possibility. It was at this moment that Geeta Devi realised that many of her neighbours had obtained loans through Sindhuja Microcredit. So, in an attempt to better her financial circumstances she approached the members and declared her wish to become a part of their group. The members briefed her about the group's rules, lending limits, interest rates, insurance, etc, and then with unanimous consent admitted Geeta Devi to their group.

In the first cycle, Geeta Devi took out a loan of 25 thousand rupees ($340) from Sindhuja Microcredit and opened a small shop in the nearby market. By selling various make-up products to the women in her village she began to earn a decent living. Geeta Devi not only paid all her installments on time but also did debt management for the whole group. After seeing the success of her small enterprise, she decided to expand it, and thus in the second cycle, she took a loan of Rs 40,000 ($545). Soon after she became the proud co-owner of a snack shop with her husband beside her make-up shop.

Today, Geeta Devi has gained a lot of confidence in her ability to manage her household. Not only has she achieved financial stability but also has become a symbol of courage, tenacity, and determination in her village.