About Us

The name Sindhuja is said to be one of the names of Goddess Lakshmi –the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. Etymologically speaking, this name refers to the avtar of Goddess Lakshmi, who was born out of the river Sindhu.

Sindhuja Microcredit (Sindhuja) is a new generation Micro Finance Company which is headquartered in Delhi NCR with its Zonal office in Patna. It has received Certificate of Registration from the Reserve Bank of India to operate as NBFC-MFI. Sindhuja plans to offer credit products like Micro Finance and Micro Enterprise Loan and also plans to offer insurance, pension and other services through third party arrangements to its customers. Through these products it aims to reach the lives of the “Bottom of Pyramid” and the “Missing Middle” customers and contribute in financial inclusion.